Let Go, Clear Out

I move my house tomorrow.
I have moved many, many times, but this one comes after 8 years and with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a parrot.
When beginning to pack, I am always amazed at how much “stuff” there is to move. Things that over time have gathered silently and quietly around the house, and much of it not really needed. We might notice from time to time that our home could benefit from a deep cleanse, but it’s not until we start the process before we see fully just how much there is. We go about our day to day life under the weight of our “stuff” without even realizing it.
So while preparing to move has been a lot of work, in a sense it has been relieving at the same time. It has been an opportunity to release and let go of what is no longer needed.
It has been an opportunity to lighten.

In many ways, isn’t this why we come to yoga?

We come to the practice knowing we have tension to release.
We sit on the mat to begin with quiet meditation and realize, “Wow, there is a lot of noise in here!” We start to notice just how busy our mind is. So many thoughts that we carry around with us, and often, they don’t even make sense!
So we sit on the meditation cushion, learning to let these thoughts go. To release the burden that the mind is constantly carrying.

Then we move into our first pose and begin to stretch the body. We might know our body is tight, but it’s usually only when we begin to move that we realize just how much. All the tension of daily life, limited or unbalanced movement that causes strain, are carried each and every day in the fibers of our muscles and tissues. And here too, we learn to begin to let that go. Stretching, moving. Clearing out.

We hold onto so many unnecessary things in life – physical, mental, and emotional. Things that once upon a time may have served a purpose, but are no longer useful. Sometimes things that never served us at all.

So let go. Come to the mat with your tired body and mind.
Move your house.
After all, it is our body that is our home.

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