International Yoga Day

Just a couple of weeks ago, the world celebrated International Yoga Day. As you know from the last email I sent out, we were honored to have had the Consulate of India San Francisco, sponsor a free yoga class at each of our locations, along with a free yoga mat and copy of Judith Lasater’s book: Living Your Yoga.
Both studios were filled to capacity with practitioners of all ages, sizes, and ethnicity. It was such a joy to share space with each other.

When I first spoke with representatives from the Consulate, I mentioned that in offering a free yoga class and yoga mat, we would instantly fill the studio and might even run out of room. Their reply was, “That is great! This is what we want, more people doing yoga.”
This echos in my head as this was the exact reason I first entertained the idea of opening a yoga studio all these years ago.

I will be honest, opening a yoga studio was never a plan of mine. I actually argued with the universe against the idea of starting a studio for quite some time. But the longer I taught at various places in the community, the more yoga students I met, and people that had not tried yoga yet, was what finally had me surrendering.
I knew then and know now, yoga is important. Yoga is a path not just to physical wellness, but to wholeness. Yoga is what allows us to connect back to ourselves and the realization that we are connected with all things. Yoga is health for the body, mind, and spirit and it is for everyone. No matter who you are, where you are, or what your background is, you can practice. And all beings can benefit.

This was the fire burning inside of me, the message I felt called to share all these years ago. It was through my own experience and my continued existence as a human being that brought me to share yoga and not just keep it for myself. And to share it in a way that all could access it.
It is one of the more difficult paths I have ever taken. Running a yoga studio and keeping it financially afloat is an exhausting endeavor. But it is the the multitude of beings that have walked through our doors that keep me going. It is the story after story shared with me on how yoga has benefited them; profound life-changing stories.

So on this day, the International Day of Yoga, I paused to breathe in the awareness that people all around the world were celebrating in their own way. It wasn’t just the celebration of yoga, it was the celebration of humanity. It was a celebration that invites others to join.

A deep bow to this community – to all of you that come to class and support us still being here.
To all of you that share yoga in your own way with people you know.
To the collective hearts that beat for the same interest of all beings everywhere.
To my teachers and all the teachers that have come before, for the inspiration to keep seeking the teacher within me.
And to the Consulate of India San Francisco for sharing their generosity so that more could be included in this practice.

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