Class Types
Most of our classes can accommodate all levels of physical ability and yoga experience. For a less strenuous practice we suggest the gentle, and yoga for relaxation classes. Please inform the instructor of any injuries or physical limitations before class so they can best support you and your needs.

Hatha Yoga ~
Traditional Hatha yoga class with an emphasis on alignment and some vinyasa elements. Each class is sequenced to bring proper alignment and understanding of the asanas (postures), while incorporating awareness of the breath to each movement. Props are incorporated into each class to assist in teaching postures/movement and provide modifications to accommodate different levels of physical abilities.

Hatha Flow ~
With the balance of both Hatha and Flow (Vinyasa) aspects to each class, you will be guided through fluid movement with the breath as well as holding postures and bringing awareness to the alignment in them. Some Sun Salutations or continuous flowing sequences may be offered as a way to warm up, focus on strength, and relax the mind while moving into more slowed down, alignment focused postures. The intention is to offer students a fusion of these 2 styles while giving the teacher options of what postures to bring more awareness to based upon the students' needs.

4 Week Beginner Series ~
Perfect for anyone new to yoga! This course is a progressive series of classes to learn the foundations of a yoga practice. The class will introduce the yoga postures (asanas) in a safe, supportive manner - incorporating breath awareness and alignment in the body. We will also explore the many health benefits of yoga such as stress reduction. Reconnect your body with your mind and spirit to bring balance to your life. Offered at various times throughout the year.

Beginners Yoga ~
A dynamic practice specifically for students new to yoga or those who wish to refresh their fundamental skills. Strong focus on effective alignment with breathwork and meditation applied to posture practice. Class sequences are focused on a theme or goal posture to prepare each body in a step-by-step way to meet its own unique challenges. Students learn to integrate the actions required to create comfortable stability in the body and mind, while releasing habitual tension and inviting relaxation.

Restorative Yoga ~
Learn to let go: release chronic tension, stress, and anxiety from the body and mind. Restore the body from the inside out with supported postures and guided breathing. This class offers a deep state of relaxation; soothing the central nervous system. Appropriate for all levels and physical conditions.

Iyengar Yoga ~
Iyengar yoga teaches stability and openness through sensitive attention to alignment so that the flow of energy and the focus of the mind are found in each pose. Through this understanding and the use of props, the poses can be modified to be accessible to anyone in any physical condition.
"You will know that alignment is there when mind does not wander." BKS Iyengar

Yoga Flow/Vinyasa ~
An alignment based practice, this class focuses on the synchronization of breath and movement, flowing through postures (asanas) to the rhythm of the breath. There is more emphasis on moving sequences of postures (vinyasa) with hold time to balance movement. This moving meditation practice is an excellent way to increase awareness of breathing, while enhancing flexibility and stamina and building strength.

Gentle Yoga ~
A gentle, therapeutic class emphasizing flexibility, balance, core strength and hip stability. Leave feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Embodied Soul Yoga ~
A soulful practice supporting the alignment of body, mind, and spirit with the intention of remembering and really living as our truest Self. We experience self-actualization, unbreakable connection, deep fulfillment, and not coincidentally make the most meaningful contributions when we breath, move, speak, and live as authentic, un-obstructed embodiments of our soul. Krystal guides students on a journey back home to themselves in these thoughtful classes supporting a practical, "real life" application of yoga philosophy and spiritual teachings. These physical and grounding classes are said to be equal parts challenging and restorative (hatha meets vinyasa), beginning with meditation and pranayama, moving through yoga asana postures, and concluding with a restful savasana.

Therapeutic Yoga ~
This class modifies and tailors yoga postures to the needs of individuals dealing with health concerns or injuries. The practice is a step-by-step approach to postures and breath work to help manage conditions, reduce symptoms, and improve overall well-being. Therapeutic yoga serves as a tool to empower individuals towards better health, regardless of age, through deeper awareness of body and mind practices.

Community Yoga (by donation)~
Our community classes are offered in the spirit of service and heart of inclusivity. Classes are taught by a rotating schedule of teachers and teacher training students that are completing their 200HR program. They are open to all levels of practitioners, including beginners. Donations are appreciated to support the studio and our outreach into the community. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. All are invited and welcomed here.

Prenatal Yoga ~
Pregnancy is a transitional time in the life of your family, both physically and mentally. At no other time in your life are there so many opportunities to grow along with the change. In joining our prenatal yoga class, not only will you learn postures to help you feel better physically; benefiting the health of you and your baby, but you will begin to prepare mentally for labor, birth, and motherhood. Click here for More Prenatal Information

Yoga Mama + Happy Baby ~
Take care of yourself while taking care of baby! 20 minutes of baby yoga and massage for digestion and the remainder of class is focused on mom, dad, or caregiver. Connect with your baby while connecting back to your body.
This special class will invite your little one into your practice and guide you to strengthen and tone your whole body while deepening your sense of well-being. Instruction includes gentle guidance for self-care, incorporating baby into your practice, mindfulness, meditation, and pranayama. We will also incorporate gentle pelvic floor and core work to reestablish a healthy foundation for the postpartum body. Yoga poses focus on specific areas of fatigue for new parents: neck and shoulders, abdominal, lower back, pelvis and pelvic floor. Whether you have practiced yoga for years or are new to yoga, this class will be invigorating, yet gentle and restorative. This is an inclusive space that supports the needs of babies and caregivers. Nursing, feeding, diaper changing, and crying babies are all welcome and an important part of this practice. **

We recommend bringing your own baby blanket (and swaddle if age appropriate) to lay over studio blankets and/or mats. The studio has some play mats and baby toys and parents are welcome to bring their own.
Age of child? We recommend indulging in your postpartum period for at least 6-weeks, though infants & children of ALL ages and stages are welcome.
** This class is also prenatal accommodated.

Toddler and Me ~
This is a fun interactive class that blends calming and active yoga activities for children 2 to 5 years old and a caregiver. We focus on building mindfulness and breath and body awareness through poses, movement and guided relaxation. This class is great for cultivating self-regulation and stress management yoga tools you can do with your child.

Yoga For Kids ~
Through games and stories kids begin to explore yoga poses and breathing. Yoga fosters appreciation for the body, increased focus and concentration, and learning how to relax and unwind from a busy day. This class is for kids 5 to 11 years old and is intended for kids without their parents.

Yin Yoga ~
Originating in China, asanas are held for up to 5 minutes in a relaxing posture. No forced flexion or engaging the muscles and bones happens in Yin Yoga. Yin yoga aims to lengthen the connective tissue thus greater motion in daily life! The use of props (cushions,blankets, blocks, even belts) is diverse and encouraged in order to fully relax the muscles and eventually the tendons. A typical class will focus on 5 to 10 poses. Yin lends itself to calming the mind, letting go, and unforced breathing to bring stillness. If you love Hatha Yoga, you owe it to your practice, your connective tissue, and breath to experience Yin! This class is suitable for all yoga abilities.