Lean In

The air is cooler now and the days are becoming darker. Nature is beginning to slow down and preparing to turn inward. As the season shifts, what are you leaning into? Might I suggest it be you?
Let’s be honest, leaning into ourselves isn’t always easy. Beyond the commitment of time we must grant to ourselves, many of us shy away from turning inward because it means relying upon our own intuition. It means quieting ourselves enough to listen to the whispers of our own heart. Often we have greater faith and trust in others, relying upon external approval or permission to do things in our life. Somewhere along the way, we forgot how to trust ourselves or to not fully believe in all the things we are capable of.
We have forgotten our own wisdom and how to listen to our inner voice.
We have forgotten how to create enough space so that our voice can freely speak.
And we might think we no longer know how to find it. But finding our way back is simpler than you might think.
It begins with following nature’s lead….slowing down. There is a necessity to simplify; to create space from the clutter.
And all you need to start is five minutes.
5 minutes to sit and close your eyes.
5 minutes to take long, slow, deep breaths.
5 minutes that you intentionally pause the movement of the outer world, to gain a glimpse of the inner world.
Do not worry about what comes next.
Don’t wonder if only five minutes is enough.
Start there and with time, you will notice the first whispers from your heart. From whispers, your inner wisdom will find a stronger voice. This voice will lead you to clarity, trust, and courage to always follow your own heart.
So my friends, Lean In.
With Love and Light,
Laura McKinnon
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