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‘Service Engine Soon’, said the bright orange light when I started my car last week. I burst into laughter as while I understood the reference was to my car, I couldn’t help but feel it was also directed at me. Not so much because I hadn’t been taking care of myself, but for weeks prior I had been carrying a bit “extra”, juggling various health issues with family members. It was one thing after another. It is because of the care I give myself that I am able to care for others, but even then, it adds up after a while. The service engine soon light reminded me that I needed to take a bigger break.

There will always be moments in our life when the unexpected occurs and challenges our daily balance. We all know what that looks like. We work hard to set a routine, things are flowing smoothly, and then something unexpected comes along to put a wrench in it all. If it’s minor, we can adjust and expand our capacity to accommodate the change, but when it’s bigger and prolonged, we may have to make more significant adjustments to restore ourselves. We must heed the warning as if we don’t, the restoration could be even more costly.

Consider your car. When you see the service engine light appear, you have a choice to keep driving it or take it in for maintenance. If you choose to keep driving it, how far do you go? We all know that at some point the car will stop working altogether if you don’t take it in. It’s a risk we take and a choice we make.

So what about you? How long can you go without maintenance before you’ll be out of order on the side of the road? I think we all at one point or another in our lives, challenge just how far we can go once the warning sign appears. Or perhaps we weren’t paying attention and missed the warning! But unlike our cars we receive constant messages from our body to communicate its needs. It’s up to us to pay attention and tend to those needs. Thank goodness for yoga that helps us stay connected to the most subtle part of ourselves and the wisdom it offers on how to apply the care we need!

On another note, we have come a long way since the start of the pandemic. I remain ever so thankful that we were able to keep our studio through it all. But challenges still remain and like for so many, our costs have increased. The best way to support the studio and our beloved teachers is to come take a class or workshop. Consider it also a way to stay on top of the maintenance for your body, mind, and spirit.

As we move through summer, we continue to cultivate as many offerings as possible to support your wellness and to keep growing and learning together. And if you can’t get in for a class, please consider donating.

Wishing all of you a safe and fun summer. We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

With love and gratitude,

Laura McKinnon & SYS Family

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