All Life is Yoga


Long ago when I first started practicing yoga, I thought it was something that was done only while on a yoga mat. It was through years of learning and becoming a mother that gradually shifted and expanded my understanding of what it really means to be in practice. For me, it is to be mindful and present in all aspects of my life, which means then, that all life is yoga. I will start by clarifying that there is no right or wrong way to practice yoga. Yoga is connecting with and aligning all parts of our being – mind, body, and spirit, so whatever specific practice/s gets you there, is perfect for you.

Individually we are quite unique, carrying a specific resonance that belongs only to ourselves. Part of the journey in yoga is the personal inquiry, turning inward to know and fully experience our own blueprint. With the noise and constant movement of the world around us, it can be easy to get lost in the momentum of external activities. Social media, even the news, has us following and peering into every tiny detail of the lives of others. How often do you stop to pay attention to your own life in the same way?

It doesn’t matter what anyone else does. There is only one you to live the life that you have, so the only thing that matters is what you do and how you do it. And I’m not referring to the specific tasks that you do in your life, I’m referring to your being, how your soul itself exists. The quality of our spirit is what shapes how we do our tasks in this life. If we remember our spirit’s vibrancy, offer sacred reverence, and spend time nurturing it, then every task we perform will originate from a source of love, kindness, gratitude, and compassion. These qualities are of the purest and highest vibration, so there is no need to ever question how or what to do if our spirit resides in that place. Your heart and soul already knows everything it needs to carry you through this life. Are you listening?


You won’t hear it on the radio, tv, or from your phone. You won’t even hear it from your best friend. You will only hear it when you take the time to connect with yourself; when you experience the union of the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga has developed practices that help us come back to this union – mindful movement, attention to our breath, creating stillness for observation and inquiry, and it can be done anywhere and at any time! Your practice doesn’t need to look like your teacher’s or your neighbor’s, in fact, it probably shouldn’t! Only you can find your way back to yourself, and it will only happen when you let go of how something ‘should’ be and tune into what your heart is saying. This is the only way to be free, to live a soul-driven and purposed life.


Let this inspire you to be your own teacher, finding that which serves you best. Let your soul sing its beautiful song. Be free from underneath the shadows of others, shining brightly and radiantly the truth of who you are.

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