Body Positivity

“Your body is not a problem to be solved.” ~ Amber Karnes
This simple statement stood out to me when I recently came across it. In today’s world (and really it’s been this way for many years now), we are constantly bombarded with messages of how we can improve or change ourselves. Just visit the self help aisle in a book store or read the titles on the cover of a magazine.
I am all for taking good care of ourselves, it is quite important. But there is a different thread of thought that happens when we perceive that we need to be “fixed”. It generates the idea that there is something wrong with us and this can cause negative self-judgement and feelings of shame, unease, unhappiness, and/or unworthiness.
What if we spent more time celebrating who we are and the body we have?
What if we could see that we are beautiful, no matter what our size or shape is?
This is one of the many teachings of yoga. Yoga does not judge, EVER. It doesn’t criticize if we can’t bend over and touch our toes or balance freely in handstand.
Instead, it is the most universal practice of self love, self compassion, self acceptance, AND awareness of how to celebrate our own individual uniqueness.
Within each of us, is the innate wisdom of the body to support good health. Through physical movement in yoga postures, we come to learn about the anatomy of our own body, what is unique to us, and how to maintain wellness in a way that is just right for ourselves. Not every BODY can or will do yoga poses the same way. Some of us may have significant physical limitations that we were born with, or that injury or illness caused.
But Yoga is for every human being and can be practiced just through simple and mindful breathing.
If we settle our worth on the number on the scale, how we look in a bathing suit, or our ability to do a yoga pose, we will always be in big trouble. Because we will never be happy with ourselves and we will forever search to perfect what already is perfect.
You are not a problem to be solved.
You are a beautiful being to be celebrated.
See you on the mat friends.
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