Expect the Unexpected

September is here, which means the studio has a birthday! 🙂 This year we celebrate 15 years of yoga and community, and we thank you for being a part of it. There is so much to be grateful for, so many wonderful people and memories that will last a lifetime. People from all over the world have shared in the love, learning, healing, and magic that has happened in our spaces. These experiences carried in the hearts of people wherever they may go are truly profound. It has been a tremendous gift and honor to be the creator of Seaside Yoga Sanctuary and a magnificent blessing to share in teaching with so many heart-filled instructors.

Many, many things I have learned and gained a deeper understanding of in these past 15 years, but the one that stands out to me the most, is to expect the unexpected. We can plan and prepare down to the smallest detail, but the unexpected will always come. You can count on that! In many ways, life is about navigating through the unexpected, all the stuff we didn’t see coming. And it’s more than just getting through it; it’s living life in a way that the unexpected not only becomes our teacher but is part of what sparks the fire and fuels the capacity within us to thrive with vibrancy and grace.

Each time we practice being present, it fine-tunes our ability to become one with all that is around us, to embrace all that is part of life. Our yoga practice is rooted in the understanding that we are simply coming home, returning to the innate qualities within us. We meet ourselves, again and again, to look deeper and deeper into our own essence, moving past the pieces that cover it up. It’s just like a sculptor, simply chiseling away piece by piece that which does not belong to the statue, ultimately revealing the most beautiful work of art.

A lot of what we encounter in life will cause us pain, but accepting and understanding why we feel pain is what allows us to remain open to equally receiving that which causes us joy. Just in the last two months, I’ve had to unexpectedly and suddenly say goodbye to our beloved cat of 15 years (rescued as an abandoned cat at our first studio location), our delightful lab, and some of the best humans I’ve known. It has added immense grief to my heart. But along with the unexpected loss, has equally come the unexpected joy. I’ve become closer to and met new people who also shared their hearts with these beings and just three days ago, brought two of the sweetest labs into our home. I would have never fathomed all of these events occurring so closely together, but as I said, expect the unexpected.

This month the studio adds new classes to the schedule, amazing workshops (including the return of Elise Miller, Mahendra Briksha, and Brooke Smokelin), Beach Yoga & Sound Bath to celebrate the studio’s birthday, and more! All the details can be found in the newsletter below.

As always, wishing abundant blessings to you and yours. May we all take delight in expecting the unexpected.

With love and gratitude,

Laura McKinnon & SYS Family

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