Eternal Wisdom

As I write this, I am feeling soothed by the sound of rain. I am struck by how peaceful the dark, early morning hours are. I have been a morning person for many years now, but being also a mother, I have found the quiet early hours essential for how I begin my day. It is in these hours that I can fall more easily into a meditative state as the outer world remains still. It is in these hours that I pray for clarity and guidance to move through my day. It is in these hours that I can listen without distraction.
We all know how jumbled our thoughts can from the busyness of day to day life, constantly rushing from one thing to another, multitasking to the nth degree. We know we need to insert pauses, yet struggle with how and when to do so. So much to do we say, with so little time.
Slowly as I age in this life, the irony of this thinking begins to dawn on me. It’s no so much that there is little time, rather it is our perception of what time is. When we are fully present in the moment, time does not exist. In true presence, time is vast, completely expansive and limitless. It is only when we are not paying attention and caught up in our busyness, that time seems to run out. We constantly distract ourselves from our own presence. This is why meditation is so important. It allows us to be fully aware of our presence, to feel the very nature of our spirit, and to separate ourselves from binding of own perceptions. We remember that not only is “time” limitless and infinite, but so are we.
This realization is truly profound. Because when we fully understand the nature of our own soul, we want to prioritize spending moments with our own selves, we begin to crave it. For how else will you truly be able to listen to the whispers within your heart. Our own spirit and the grace of other spirits are constantly guiding us, gently nudging us towards what we already know to be true for ourselves. We spend so much time looking outside of ourselves for guidance, forgetting that we already contain eternal wisdom.
Like many other human endeavors, it requires practice and patience. It requires consistent commitment, fueled by the longing to want to take care of yourself. It requires the conscious choosing of that which will support and serve you, and letting go of that which does not. It requires the understanding, the knowing, that you are most valuable and the courage to embrace it.
Your heart and your spirit will take care of the rest.
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