Spring Forth Once Again

Spring has become one of my favorite seasons. It is a welcoming relief to feel lighter as I shed away the heavier layers of winter and I am always grateful for the longer daylight hours. In spring, the resiliency of life itself is at its fullest expression. There are signs of new life everywhere – from fresh green leaves on tree limbs, to the happy songs of birds, colorful wildflowers decorating the landscape , and an abundance of baby animals being born.
It is a reminder that no matter how harsh the winter, life springs forth yet again.

We have all experienced a difficult year with weight of worry and the ache from missing one another. We have endured so much loss and pain. But like new life in spring, no matter how harsh the winter, we can begin anew. Our experiences of darkness, coldness, and bitterness is still no match to our own magnificence and impermanence. By nature, it is who we are.
It is simply the task of remembering that we can shed the layers that mask our inherent beauty.

This is the practice of yoga – again and again, it meets us exactly where are. No matter how many layers of winter we have experienced in our life, it will gently encourage us to rediscover the grandeur of our own self. We are impermanent beings that regardless of circumstance, hold the most exquisite beauty and power.
No one and nothing can ever take that away! Even in the most unlikely place or time, we can express this magnificence. I believe now more than ever, do we need this expression of light.

We don’t need to change the world. One flower alone does not make all the other flowers bloom. Each flower that blossoms simply adds to the greater tapestry and we are the same. By allowing our winter layers to fall away, our magnificence will shine through – creating a lighter and brighter world.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat – indoors, outdoors, and on zoom!

With love and gratitude,
Laura McKinnon

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