Season of Change


There’s been a bit of a chill in the early morning air these last few days – one of many signs the transition from summer to fall is underway. The changing of seasons can bring an interesting mix of emotions. Depending on the season we favor most, we may struggle to let go of the current season, resisting the one that is coming, or we might be on the opposite end of that, eager to rush into the next season without embracing where we are.

In nature, the changing of seasons is neutral, without judgment, they simply flow from one to the next. Each season brings about its own opportunities and experiences – times to grow, and times to rest. But all of life, from plants and trees to insects and animals, are in sync with these rhythms. These innate rhythms are vital to the preparation for the next season to come. If wildlife were to not embrace the season of harvest, there would not be food to sustain them through winter. And if they did not embrace the season of rest, they would not have the energy necessary to grow come spring.

We may not always like the season we are in, but just as true for nature, it is true for us – all things have their place and time. And if we are in a hurry or resisting letting go, we fall out of this rhythm, disrupting not only our own flow, but disrupting what is given to us that is necessary for our growth.

Personally, in these last few months, I’ve had my share of many unexpected changes that I’ve struggled with. I’ve been met with disappointment and sadness, but this current transition between seasons has reminded me that I’m in the season I’m in because I need to be. These experiences are teaching me what I still need to learn and is undoubtedly what is preparing me for what is to come. And if you think about it, just about every aspect of life is just that, the preparation for what is yet to come.

We first learn addition and subtraction in preparation for learning multiplication and division, we learn letters in preparation for organizing them into words, and in yoga, we learn tadasana (mountain pose) to prepare us for all the other standing poses. Like it or not, each moment, and each season has its value. We simply need to let go and be with what is to be able to immerse ourselves in observing and learning what is meant for us in this lifetime.

SYS has a few new things to share with you this month. First, it is our birthday – celebrating 16 years of yoga, community, and healing arts! We’ll be celebrating with a Beach Yoga & Sound Healing event on Friday, Sept 8th (details below). We’ll be raffling off lots of great prizes, so be sure to get a ticket, or two or more, you don’t need to be present to win. And as always, this is a free and family-friendly event. Donations to the studio are always happily accepted.

We also welcome two new teachers – Mira Katz and Bree Pedersen, with a third to begin offering a new class late September. Updates to our class schedule are also below.

Thank you for your loving and continued support all of these years, I am forever grateful for this special community of ours.

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