With Love, All Things Are Possible

Today begins the month in which we turn towards spring. Usually, there is a lightness in the air filled with the promise of longer days, warmer weather, and new life just around the corner. But with the world witnessing war and still sitting under the weight of covid, we may be struggling to feel this lightness.
Fear is heavy. So is grief, anger, worry, and sorrow. These emotions can weigh us down, challenge us to keep our hearts open and frazzle the mind. It is in these moments that our practice matters most.
Personally speaking, I know how easy it is to fall out of self-care when our life is turned upside down, so consumed by it that it affects everything – our sleep, diet, physical activity, etc. We may feel paralyzed, completely suffocated by our own racing thoughts.
Here is where the consistency of practice lays the ground on which to stand even when we feel there is no ground beneath our feet.
The wisdom of self-care is not only for when life is going well or when we have time for it – it is a daily necessity. We are beings that will constantly fluctuate through various states of wellness and emotions. Committing to daily self-care, even in the smallest of measures, is what helps bring us back to center and allow us to lean into discernment for the guidance of the next best step. Daily practice brings us back to our body, back to our breath, and back to our heart.
Regardless of what is happening on the outside, we can still be present with the inherent vibration of goodness, love, and peace that dwells in every heart. This is why practices that include the physical body are so important. Our spirit lives in the body, so the only way to be present is for the mind to come back home to the body. It is also through the body that we can express and release what we are experiencing.
In my newest collaborative book, Strong Mothers: More Than A Survival Guide, I share the wisdom of practicing fearless self-care through my chapter: The Way of the Warrior Mama. I write about how warriors undergo daily training to be ready for anything, as battles often arrive unannounced and with little or no warning. They don’t wait until we’ve had a restful night or our first cup of coffee. So what do we do when we are knocked off our feet or in a prolonged period of struggle?
We can choose to get swallowed up by it, or we can choose to stay in the power of our own presence and the strength of our own hearts. The heart is far more resilient than you could ever imagine as the frequency of love is of the absolute highest, nothing is above it! If you are in the habit of taking time for yourself each and every day (even a little can be enough!), you will find the ability to root back into love more quickly. With love, we can see more clearly and with greater discernment.
And with love, all things are possible.
Do whatever it takes to move you back to love. Run, sing, dance, breathe, bake, visit a friend, get on your mat, walk in nature, and so on. We need the strength of the heart now more than ever, for ourselves, each other, and the world.
“Don’t wait until a strong emotion arises to begin this practice of mindful breathing or you will forget what to do when you need it the most.”
~Thich Nhat Hanh.


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