This Moment

“This moment is the only moment we truly ever have.”

Last week I ran into someone who had attended a breathing workshop at the studio. She was sharing her experience and how it was this simple statement that had stood out to her. We discussed the truth of this statement, and how we all know it, but don’t often pay attention to it.
As a mother, times seems to pass by at lightening speed and to run out. The lengthy to do list often left incomplete, the thought thats follows is that there is always tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will take the time to slow down.
Tomorrow, I will set aside time to take care of myself.
Tomorrow, I will go to yoga class.
Tomorrow, I will make a healthier meal.
Tomorrow, I will pay more attention.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow we think.

But we are not guaranteed tomorrow. And if we are fortunate to see tomorrow, our day usually ends the same as the day before. Never slowing down, taking the time for our self, getting to that yoga class, paying more attention……

Friends, it is THIS moment that counts. The moment that your breath goes in and out. What is right in front of you is what matters most. If we keep waiting for tomorrow, 30 years might pass by and we will still be waiting.
One of the most essential things we learn in our yoga practice is how to be present. To connect with our body; noticing how we move it and take care of it. We remember it is our breath that serves as the anchor for the present – it is the only moment the breath exists. The mind learns how to follow the cues of the body and breath – becoming alert and fully aware.
Life is so short and goes by so fast.
Please don’t wait for tomorrow. Be HERE, right NOW.

With love and light,

Laura McKinnon

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