3/21 Hatha Yoga with Laura

Namaste yogis,
Here is the link to Laura’s 9am Hatha practice from this morning!
Pleas feel free to share this class.
I am humbled and amazed at all the yoga instructors throughout the world, launching so quickly into unchartered territory of live streaming classes from our homes.  It is a learning curve for sure!
If you are in a position to donate, please consider sending a donation through our PayPal link, even if it’s just a $1 or 2!  I am working hard to financially sustain our yoga studio and support my family and the families of our teachers.
PS – this was the first class streamed from my garage.  My support technician (aka my 10 year old) assured me the trash bag containing bolsters in my garage was not visible….omg, but it is! 😂  Just being real with you people.  What you see is where I work from home…it is what it is!
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